Do you know what does Warby Parker, Harvey Nichols, Olympus, Samsung and Nike have in common? The websites of these brands are built on the Magento platform. If we have a look we will find that most of the e-commerce sites in the world run on Magento. But in the market a wide range of


In this busy professional life where one id juggling between various activities including a full time job, its pretty much difficult to stay fit. The main reason behind this is a lack of consistency on sticking to a good fitness and diet plan. Below are some smart tips and tactics which you can inculcate in


In the past few years, catering has emerged as a very great profession a lot of people are now flourishing in this profession. But very few people know that this field also comes with a lot of challenges which make it difficult to stay in the competition. So it’s very important to integrate some foolproof