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D-Light Full Vitamin Saves Lives, Billions
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About Us


About Us

Lauren Ayers teaches second grade in Sacramento City Unified. After reading Rachel Carson's Silent Spring at the age of 19, she drove her family crazy by becoming a full blown health nut. Shelves of books and file cabinets full of articles later, she focuses on omega-3s because they are the most overlooked nutrient for young people's mental and physical health. An Environmental Studies degree is another extension of her interest in health, as well as an organic garden.

James Curiel is a Sociology Professor at College of the Redwoods, Eureka.. Coping with severe anemia at an early age began a lifelong interest in nutrition. Later, James learned how to handle low blood sugar with diet, and as an adult, he uses omega-3s in hemp and flax oil to help with allergies and asthma. Now, as a parent, he and his wife make Smart Drinks for their children that include flax oil.

Don Glines created the well-known Wilson and Lincoln public alternative schools, and founded of Educational Futures. Don has helped school districts provide the toxin-free environment certain students need because they are sensitive to common household chemicals; as a result, they transform from slow learners with behavior problems to cooperative high achievers.

Hasan Hanks is a Biological Science and Physical Education teacher at McClatchy High School in Sacramento. While teaching middle school in 1987, he noticed an increase in hyperactivity, uncooperative behavior, and a decrease in attentiveness in the students after lunch. His research concluded that these problems were mostly a result of the non-nutritional snacks and sugary, caffeinated beverages. That's when Hasan began a campaign to rid the schools of junk food. He joined forces with others to defeat the multimillion dollar Pepsi contract offered to the Sacramento City Unified School District in 2000. He is also a member of the school district's nutritional reform committee and supported students who spoke at Board of Education meetings, and he works for legislation to reform school food programs statewide.

Jeanie Keltner, PhD., is a retired professor of English and American Literature at CSUS, editor-at-large of Because People Matter, Sacramento’s progressive news and views, and co-host of SOAPBOX, on Cable Access (Channel 17, Mondays at 8pm). As a school girl of the 50s she fell for the fake food of that time because of a naive belief in the authority of technology. When she had children, however, she followed Adele Davis into the world of smart and natural nutrition, which she now sees as the cornerstone not only of personal health but also of society’s well-being. Improving nutrition in the schools is one of her chief concerns.

Michael Kwiker, DO and William Mora, M.D. of Health Associates Medical Group, a nutrient oriented medical office established in 1985. Their general medical practice specializes in family medicine, acupuncture and nutritional therapies.

Susan Montoya is a single working parent and "God parent" to eight; ages range from 6 to 21. She is active in St. Francis of Assisi's Homeless Ministry, church youth groups and teaches Kindergarten catechism. Since children’s physical, mental and emotional health depend on proper diet, Susan wants truly nutritious food available from preschool all the way up to college, "Go beyond the standards! No more trans fats! A daily option rich in omega-3s!" She would like to see a comprehensive, mandatory Nutrition Class for all high school students that informs them of the facts behind fast food corporations’ disregard for kids’ health in order to make a profit.

Carlina Nowrocki, a science, math, and English teacher, has always been interested in nutrition. She raised her son on veggie combination juices. “If kids at better food, we’d have better problem solvers, and they would be more cooperative. Bad food predominates in the US because of fast foods and because people don’t take the time.”

Bob O'Brien retired from a Fiscal/Associate Analyst position with the State of California. A cancer survivor two times over, he is a long time organic gardener, and studies alternative healing methods. Since learning about the importance of omega-3s in nutrition, he eats flax nearly every day with breakfast and adds it to bread. Bob is also a New England Country Dance caller and band leader.

Suiying Saechao is a senior at Hiram Johnson High School. She is in the National Honors Society (NHS) and California Scholarship Federation (CSF), and participates in MESA, Mien Club, Iu Mien Skitters, and her senior class. Suiying has a 3.7 GPA and is ranked 34 out of 545 seniors. At 16, she worked with teacher Hasan Hanks to promote nutritious foods on campus. She also spoke to the school board on the benefits of 100% healthful food at all schools; she says, “Obesity is a serious result of junk food and a major concern of young people but they are not given much information.” Suiying has worked at a fast food store and wants Americans to make better choices. She wants to share the benefits of flax seeds for decreasing allergies and optimizing brain function.

Charity Smith is a senior at Sacramento Charter High School. Arriving home from third grade one day, she saw her father carried on a stretcher to an ambulance because his diabetes had gotten so serious. As a result, her mother began shopping at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and Charity took health courses in high school. A straight-A student and president of the Student Advisory Council (the group which selects the student member of the school board), she also led the Youth Congress to their decision that improving school meals was a top priority. Their cafeteria will begin offering flax-enriched foods this year. Charity represented LEARN in discussions with the Director of Food Services for the school district and came away with his support for our plans. Youth groups and civic groups invite her to speak and she is active in the Police Athletic League (PAL), the Oak Park Neighborhood Association, the Sacramento Mediation Center, and Leadership Camp.


Lauren Ayers

James Curiel, PhD
Professor, Sociology

Don Glines
Educational Futures

Hasan Hanks

Jeanie Keltner, PhD
Editor, Because People Matter

Michael J. Kwiker, D.O.

William Mora, M.D.
Health Associates Medical Group

Susan Montoya

Cynthia Mulcaire

Carlina Nowrocki

Robert O’Brien, MA

Suiying Saechao
Member LEAF at Hiram Johnson HS

Charity Smith
President Youth Congress at Sac High