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D-Light Full Vitamin Saves Lives, Billions
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Omega3sForKids.org was created to fill both the information gap and the inspiration gap.

Scientists have demonstrated the role of nutrition, omega-3 fatty acids in particular, for happiness and success. However, the media swamps young people with beguiling ads for junk food, even within school walls, and adults all too often tolerate the disinformation by allowing vending machines to stock harmful foods and school meals to include bad ingredients like hydrogenated fats.

Our activities include:

Everyone knows how violence interferes with children's ability to fulfill their splendid potential. But there is also the hidden violence of fake foods, which increase corporate profits while ruining America's future. Once we solved deficiency diseases like rickets, goiter, scurvy, and pellagra. Now modern problems like ADD and depression can be reduced or cleared up with nutrition. Experts know the causes and the solutions. Our purpose is to share this information so that students, parents, and educators working together can make the ideal into reality.

The Sacramento group which produced Omega3sForKids.org began in January 2002 as LEARN, which stands for Lifting Educational Achievement with Real Nutrition.


Lauren Ayers

James Curiel, PhD
Professor, Sociology

Don Glines
Educational Futures

Hasan Hanks

Jeanie Keltner, PhD
Editor, Because People Matter

Michael J. Kwiker, D.O.

William Mora, M.D.
Health Associates Medical Group

Susan Montoya

Cynthia Mulcaire

Carlina Nowrocki

Robert O’Brien, MA

Suiying Saechao
Member LEAF at Hiram Johnson HS

Charity Smith
President Youth Congress at Sac High